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Inclusion and Diversity Charter

Inclusion and Diversity Charter

The Inclusion and Diversity Charter encourages organisations in the education and training sectors to expand their knowledge about...

9 Jul 2024

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Teachers of Europe is a podcast by the European School Education Platform, created to support practicing teachers across Europe in...

The G7 Education Ministers’ Declaration - A bumpy road forward to SDG 4?


4 Jul 2024

On 27-29 June, G7 Ministers responsible for education met in Trieste, Italy, as part of the G7 meeting. The meeting was rooted in the...

Driving Competitiveness and Sustainability: The AIRinVET Project

by EURASHE Shortly after celebrating International MSMEs (Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) Day, it is fitting to highlight a...

8 Jul 2024

The European Training Foundation launches the Learning Clubs!

The European Training Foundation (ETF) is the agency of the EU tasked with the development of skills in transition and developing...

13 May 2024

EucA International opportunities and events

Take a look below at the upcoming events and opportunities offered by the European university college Association (EucA): Student Affairs...

26 Apr 2024

YEU’s Workshop on decision making at the LEVEL UP event

This month has been marked by LEVEL UP “I Care I vote”, an event organised by the European Youth Forum, aimed at gathering over 1000...

26 Apr 2024


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LLLTalk - S05E01 - Research Meets Practice #1
This special episode brings you the jointly organised by the Lifelong Learning Platform and the Springer’s International Handbook of Lifelong Learning. Dubbed "Research Meets Practice", this series presents cutting-edge research on lifelong learning to an interested audience. The first webinar took place on 23 May 2024 titled "Lifelong Learning in the Axis of Socio-Political and Economic Environments" and it tackles the global implications for work-based learning in platform economies.
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LLLTalk - S02E03 - The Conference on the Future of Europe
With all the buzz on the Conference on the Future of Europe, we asked Elisa Gambardella, a representative of civil society that sits in the Conference Plenary, to walk us through it. What are the goals, what's been happening since the launch and - most of all - what can citizens still do?
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LLLTalk - S03E01 - Education as public good: the role of higher education
LLLTalk - S03E01 - Education as public good: the role of higher education
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LLLTalk - S03E02 - Education as public good: the role of teachers
An insightful chat with Rossella Bendetti, from the European Trade Union Committee for Education, to discuss the role of teachers in keeping education a public good.

There is a new podcast in town! "LLLTalk - EU Education Made Simple" is the new podcast by the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) that tries to better communicate education to European citizens. The gap between decision-makers and citizens should be bridge, and who better than civil society organisations ought to do it? With short episodes, LLLP will discuss the main issues with the European political agenda in education, training and lifelong learning. 

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