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Image by Pavan Trikutam


The working group on Digital Learning was established at the end of 2015, as a place for members and partners to share views, experiences, best practices, initiatives and to generate support for (joint) advocacy, both at a European and National level. Digital learning and media/digital literacy feature high on the agenda and list of priorities of some of the LLPlatforms’ members, national governments but are also a key priority at the European level.

For the first years of the Working Group, LLLP focused on issues related to digital and media literacy. In some countries, specific programmes have been put in place to answer to challenges such as the increase of online hate speech, the effects of bullying or data protection, especially when using social media and some LLLPlatform members are involved in concrete initiatives. Digital literacy is also about making sure that learners have the necessary skills to benefit from technology and teachers to pass on their knowledge and skills to their students. Besides, more often than not, digital literacy conditions one’s employability..

One of the key contributions of the WG on Digital Learning to LLLP’s work was the conceptualisation, drafting and publication of the LLLP Position Paper “Reimagining Education for the Digital Age“.


To this day, the WG meets twice a year.