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Image by Pavan Trikutam

EucA International opportunities and events

Take a look below at the upcoming events and opportunities offered by the European university college Association (EucA):

  • Student Affairs Professionals, Researchers, Universities, and Colleges are invited to the 6th European Conference for Student Affairs and Services.

NASPA and EucA just announced the 6th edition of ECSAS that will take place in Malta on 20-22 November 2024. The conference represents an opportunity for student affairs professionals to discuss, exchange, and network innovative programs, practices, and models aimed at advancing their mission to support students' success. Registrations are open here!

  • EucA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Berlin

EucA presents the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp that will take place in Berlin on 28 July- 3 August 2024. The program is designed to engage students and recent graduates in the entrepreneurial world through workshops, and a tailored mentorship to gain practical skills and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. Take a look at the program and download the brochure here!

  • EucA Sustainability Summer School in the Azores

Students and recent graduates are invited to join the EucA Summer School in the Azores, the first leading sustainable destination. From 1 to 6 September 2024, international participants will immerse themselves in an enriching educational and international experience that will allow them to assess their daily sustainability practices, acquire new skills, and explore innovative solutions through collaboration with peers. A great travel discovery program is also included! Discover more here!

  • Share GenZ Votes content: Empowering Youth for European Change

In preparation for the European Elections of June, EucA is partnering with the European Parliament to empower young people to raise their voices with their language. Which one? With Videos! GenZ Votes! is a European Project in which students from the network create and publish videos on Instagram and TikTok to encourage civic engagement among their peers. You can join this exciting movement by following them, sharing the videos within your network, and help them go viral!


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