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GR-EAT (2014-2016) aims to propose a comprehensive tool for the implementation of recognition systems and contribute to the overall advocacy process toward the recognition of non-formal and informal learning (NFIL) taking place within youth organisations. Led by AEGEE, the Lifelong Learning Platform is one of the six partners (KA2 Strategic Partnership, Erasmus+) and is responsible for conducting research among employers in order to find out about their needs and expectations regarding the recognition of NFIL and will draft a study report.

Logo of GR-EAT: a person drawn in white over colour forms.

The objectives of the project are to create common guidelines for recognition of NFIL acquired in a volunteering context, supporting youth organisations in providing internal validation systems which can be recognised externally. The project also wants to support longterm volunteers in raising their awareness of competences acquired and their value in an employment context as well as in acquainting them with the identification and documentation procedures that are useful to go through national validation systems.

Another objective is to raise the awareness of companies on the benefits and impact of long term volunteering for transversal competence development.

In the framework of the GR-EAT project (AEGEE), the LLLP led a survey approaching employers on how they value volunteering in recruitment. Led from February to April 2015, it gathered 131 responses destined to evaluate the recognition of non-formal and informal learning prior, for and during employment. Three mismatches were revealed: first, between the value employers give to volunteering and their capacity to assess it; second, between assessment tools and employer’s knowledge of their existence, as well as correspondence to their needs; third, between the competences gained by volunteers and their capacity to highlight them to employers. Read the Full Survey!

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