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The LLL-HUB is a project funded with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme under Key Activity 1 “Policy cooperation and innovation” and coordinated by the LLLPlatform (EUCIS-LLL). Engaging 10 partners from 8 EU countries and beyond as well as with various backgrounds (public authorities, civil society organisations…), it lasted for two years, from December 2013 to March 2016.

The LLL-HUB: what is it?

The LLL-HUB aimed to create a feeling of shared responsibility on EU lifelong learning strategies through a multilateral network and ownership among relevant stakeholders (Europe 2020 headline targets, ET2020, European Semester Country-Specific Recommend­ations…). This was achieved by fostering national and transnational public spaces for debates and mutual policy learning, involving the grassroots level in a genuine reflection with decision-makers on the design and implementation of coherent and comprehensive lifelong learning strategies.

The LLL-HUB: how did it happen?

A research phase (LLL-LABs) and a seminar (LLL-FORUM) tookplace in the different partner countries, involving key LLL experts and policy-makers.

The project had three transversal objectives:

  • Foster a shared meaning of lifelong learning

  • Enable a cross-sectorial, multi-stakeholders cooperation

  • Structure the first transnational policy learning based on a genuine research and dialogue at regio­n­al/­national level on EU LLL strategies

They were invited to gather for transnational policy learning and the elaboration of key political messages in real bottom-up democratic settings. This last step, the LLL-AGORA, an international expert conference, took place in Mechelen, Belgium, on 7-8 March 2016. Three organisations received the LLL-HUB Awards at this occasion to celebrate their efforts in making lifelong learning a reality in their territories.

The LLL-HUB: Outcomes

Key project results areComparative Report on the implementation of Lifelong Learning in Europe compiled by the LLLPlatformwhich includesa set of policy recommendations to policy makersand which is based on theNational/Regional States of Play from 7 partner countries. The LLLPlatform alsoproduced an EU Handbook and Glossarywhich guided the partners through the initial research phase of the project and which has been recently updated. Methodological Guidelines on the implementation of the LLL-HUB Methodology have been produced in order sum up the project methodology and invite other countries and regions to join the LLL-HUB by implementing what has proven a very successful three-step approach.

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