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Image by Pavan Trikutam

LLLP and the EU Parliament together for the EU Elections 2024

LLLP joined forces with the Civil Society Outreach Unit of the European Parliament for the upcoming EU Elections!

As part of a longstanding cooperation, we organised an informal get-together with representatives of civil society organisations to share our plans and campaigns around the milestone elections. No wonder, civil society can sure mobilise their constituencies, engage citizens and deliver! Our members OBESSU presented their project EPIC (Empowering students Participation in Campaigning), which seeks to empower young people and have them engage directly with decision-makers. As a matter of fact, did you know that on 6-9 June citizens of 16 years old will able to cast their votes for the first time in many EU countries? The Erasmus Student Network also presented their informative initiatives to make sure students in learning mobility have the right to vote from abroad (and know how to use it!). And we, as LLLP presented our Alliance for Youth Vote, stemming directly from our project COVY.

This event was part of a larger cooperation that LLLP has been putting in place with the European Parliament for the EU Elections through a Meomrandum of Understanding: expect more to come!


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