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Image by Pavan Trikutam

LLLP at the EU Conference for a Just Transition

On 4 and 5 March, LLLP participated in the European Conference for Just Transition organised by the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU. The event explored the social divides in Europe and a key conundrum for achieving a just transition: public support for social and climate policies follow these social divides. EU institutions need to face the reality that environmental and social policies tend to have different support bases and that this situation will only worsen if Member States choose a pathway of austerity and force citizens to compete over public resources.

LLLP welcomes the approach of Minister Khattabi of including a cross-sectoral representation from civil society as part of the Conference. Despite the constraints of the ministerial configuration, it is very encouraging to see the Belgian presidency taking crucial steps in implementing a true whole-of-government approach, especially on such a transversal area as Just Transition which requires it the most.

Only by developing strong education and training systems as a whole, we ensure education does not become another cause of inequalities and resentment from citizens who we want to bring on board; when it should be the opposite. It would be a risk to only focus on upskilling and reskilling, as it would endanger education becoming a short term tool to close patches when it should be a foundation for achieving a just transition to sustainable and resilient societies.

Support for upskilling and reskilling has to go hand in hand with ensuring education and training, from cradle to grave, remains a public good.


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