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Image by Pavan Trikutam

LLLP Feasibility Study on National Lifelong Learning Platforms

The Lifelong Learning Platform is conducting the third edition of the Feasibility Study, an essential tool for understanding the needs of civil society and exploring potential cooperation.

The primary goal of this study is to gather insights from regional and national stakeholers' networks or organisations representing a wide range of education stakeholders - including formal, non-formal, and informal education providers, learners, and civil society members. The focus is on collecting perceptions on lifelong learning and cross-sector cooperation in five countries- Hungary, Finland, Slovenia, Poland, and Spain, as well as assess knowledge about EU education policies.

It also aims to identify if there is potential for creating national lifelong learning platforms and interest for formalising such cooperation. The study will look into existing related initiatives and structures at national level, while also pinpointing the barriers and enables to developing such platforms.

The survey is available in English, and also in Finnish, Slovenian, Spanish , Hungarian and Polish until 29 March.