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Image by Pavan Trikutam


The LLLPlatform has been advocating for the recognition of the wider benefits of learning since its creation. A clear imbalance is observed between the conception of education as a «skills provider» for the labour market and as a key driver for social cohesion and well-being, while both should go hand in hand. The LLLPlatform has therefore decided to set up a working group on the wider benefits of learning to shed a new light on “the treasure within” education such as revealed by Jacques Delors.

Based on a survey conducted among its members, the LLLPlatform appears to be in a great position to bring together expertise from many organisations, in a «practice to policy» approach. The group aims to build evidence for advocacy and capacity-building on how lifelong learning can contribute to healthier and happier individuals and societies. In turn, better learning environments will contribute to improving educational attainments and thus the capacity of Europe to reach its targets for 2020.

In 2019, the WG on Wider Benefits of Learning contributed to the development of a Briefing Paper, jointly produced and published with Cedefop. The Briefing Paper assesses the role of Community Lifelong Learning Centres as hub spots for community learning.

The Lifelong Learning Platform is also a member of the Learning for Well-Being Consortium which brings together NGOs, foundations and educators to promote learning for well-being and learning diversity.