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iBOX (Inclusion Box)

Welcome to iBOX! A project coordinated by LLLP which wants to contribute to building more inclusive NGOs and CSOs.

Logo of iBOX: Inclusion Box, representing the letters I, B, a drawing of a box for O and X.

The project aims at ensuring more inclusive organisations, more inclusive education approaches and actions, through a capacity building process to better face and respond to current and future societal challenges.

iBOX consists of an interdisciplinary, bottom-up process, involving key stakeholders in the design of innovative training resources collected in an online platform with the goal of supporting the digital transition, access and participation in learning processes and inclusion and diversity strategies in the sector. These are key issues the consortium will work on to foster inclusive and innovative management methods and pedagogical approaches among educational staff and managers.

What and why?

The project will provide a solution for education and training providers, NGOs and CSOs to address their needs in terms of new capacities to meet new and continuing challenges, to remain and become more inclusive and diverse, while embracing the principles of a new, more digital way of working.

Therefore, iBOX wants to:

  • Increase the quality of the work, activities and practices of the educators and staff in educational establishments/ CSOs involved and;

  • Build their capacity to work transnationally and cross-sectorally on common needs and priorities in education and training, such as the inclusion and enhancement of diversity at all levels and in all aspects of their work.

Core themes

There are three core areas within the project:

  1. access and participation in learning processes, supporting learning providers to promote active participation and civic engagement through learning.

  2. inclusion and diversity strategies, supporting learning providers to improve their current practices and become/remain inclusive and diverse.

  3. digital transition and blended work methods, supporting learning providers to adapt to the digital transition

For who?
  • Primary target groups: Adult educators and staff. Within these target groups, different organisations with specific profiles are included. For each organisation involved directly or indirectly, the proposal reaches different profiles (officers, educators, managers, etc.).

  • Second target groups: Education and training providers and network of providers’ organisations. This includes providers of formal, non-formal and informal education at national/regional/local levels.

Main outputs

Guiding documents

1. A Compendium of inspiring practices on the three core themes, collecting practices and guidelines identified on social inclusion in CSOs and NGOs.

2. An Inclusion and Diversity Charter, a document which includes the most important steps that CSOs and NGOs should take to ensure inclusion in their organisations.

Capacity-building activities

3. Online training courses on access and participation in learning processes, inclusion and diversity and digital transition and blended work methods. The second round will be held between September and November - registrations are already open, click here to secure your place!

The first phase of online capacity-building took place in May and June.

4.In-person training course on access and participation in learning processes, inclusion and diversity and digital transition and blended work methods, during the LLLP Days 2024, in 17 and 18 June 2024.

The training was a great success, with participants coming from different EU countries and educational and training providers, NGOs and CSOs. Read more about the 2 very insightful days here!

iBOX in-person training poster: 18 june in the European Parliament (Zweig Visitor Centre)

5. An online platform that hosts self-paced courses, the elaborated OER, the collected inspirational practices, the Charter and all resources included in the training programmes. This platform is free of charge and guarantees the continuation and sustainability of the project, ensuring the courses remain online after the project comes to an end. You just need to register in the platform to enrol in the iBOX self-paced training courses following these simple steps.

6. A final conference, Agora: Building inclusive education and training systems is set for the 19 November 2024! Join us to discuss inclusion in learning environments and how we can collectively make our organisations more inclusive. More details on the programme and registrations soon!


Contact and updates

If you're interested in iBOX, make sure to follow us on X (@iBox_Project) or follow LLLP's social media channels.

For specific inquiries, contact or


Project Number: 101090952 – Inclusion Box (iBox)


Co-funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.