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Image by Pavan Trikutam


The European Commission has published the mid-term evaluation report of the Erasmus+ Programme. The evaluation builds on over a million responses to questions related to the most well-known programme of the Union, and it establishes itselfas the most comprehensive and recent source of evidence.

The main highlights from the Commission are:

  • Erasmus+ is felt as to be supportive in both employment terms and active citizenship

  • Evidence shows that Erasmus+ is more coherent, relevant and partly more efficient and simpler than its predecessors.

  • The evaluation makes a clear case for a stronger investment in education and training with a new emphasis on the younger generations and the most vulnerable groups.

On this very day, the Lifelong Learning Platform also released its own report of the Erasmus+ implementation survey 2017. We draw similar conclusions for the overlapping parts, with LLLP’s report placing a strong focus on investments for the future.