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Freedom and Education are inalienable rights and mutually dependent. effe, the European Forum for Freedom in Education, regards the organisation of schooling and education as a task of the society as a whole. Education needs equity to guarantee the access of education to all people in Europe regardless of age, gender and social or ethnic background. Education needs freedom to educate responsible, free-minded and creative citizens. Education needs diversity to shape a tolerant and democratic society. effe represents people from across Europe including policy makers and administrators, researchers and teachers from different pedagoical approaches.


effe promotes equity, freedom and diversity in education and aims to facilitate exchange amongst agents in education and other stakeholders

Gerald Häfner

Former MEP

effe is an NGO in the field of education, it gathers people from more than 20 countries, from public and private schools and with various teaching method views. It was designed as a forum in which all current issues concerning education at primary and secondary level can be discussed.
Image by Pavan Trikutam
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