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The International Federation of Centers for Training in Active Education Methods (Ficeméa) regroups 42 organisations present in Europe, South America, Africa and the Indian Ocean. For the last sixty years, the Federation has been working to promote active education working towards change in social and educational practices.

Ficeméa acts as a political mechanism to spread methods of active pedagogy in the world, raise awareness of the principles of active education, take a pro-active and questioning position when dealing with international bodies, highlight the field work of member associations. and suggest a political framework concerning themes linked to active education.

Ficeméa targets all audiences and centres around lifelong learning. It is a global movement, for people of all ages, with an emphasis on intergenerational and intercultural exchange.


Sustainable development

Gender equality



Human rights

The right to education for all




International advocacy on commercialisation of education


Isabelle Palanchon

Isabelle Palanchon

FICEMEA aims to federate the action of its member organisations in order to promote active training methods as widely as possible and to contribute to the evolution of educative and social practices all over the world.
Image by Pavan Trikutam
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