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Image by Pavan Trikutam

The first edition of the LLLP Days was awesome!

On 17-19 June, the Lifelong Learning Platform organised it's first LLLP Days, condensing three major activities back to back. In partnership with the European Parliament and with, it was a great occasion for the education and training community to get together and shape the future of EU policy in the sector.

On Monday 17 June, the fourth Lifelong Learning Lab took place to highlight the many ways in which civil society organisations contribute to advancing policies in Europe and in Belgium. Experts and policymakers offered insights into the many ways in which civil society can interact and influence policy making to build more inclusive and democratic education systems. One thing was clear to everyone: while there are still many options for us to voice citizens concerns, the key to "do more" is building cross sector partnerships.

Participants to the Lifelong Learning Lab

The second day of the LLLP Days saw the continuation of the iBox training on inclusion. The training was a learning experienced designed to improve the competences of educators and other adult education staff with the objective of upgrading provision, targeting and effectiveness of adult education and learning. Participants experienced a diverse and innovative pedagogy, geared towards inclusive education and training settings, support for learning providers in addressing diversity and diversity itself among education staff.

iBox training

And we saved the best for last! On 19 June, the LLLP General Assembly took place. On top of regular business and elections LLLP members sat together for the whole day to look at the future of LLLP: what priorities for the years to come? How to adapt to the changing landscape of EU politics, informed by the past elections? How to better build LLLP members' capacity? This and more, in a fruitful day where we all and jointly sought to position LLLP, even more, at the centre of European policy-making in education and training.

LLLP members at the General Assembly